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I've reached the ultimate "cross-roads" with Dirty Steve's Famous Wing Sauce - I will either find the appropriate funding to start this as a true business venture or I will close up shop by the end of this year. I can no longer continue to operate this as just a hobby. In the next 30-45 days you'll find out if Dirty Steve's is out of business or making business. It's been a great run and a lot of fun but it's too cumbersome in the way of my full time job and my family. Thanks to all for the support on the effort to keep this business venture alive!!
Step 1 in the acquisition of funding support to build Dirty Steve's Famous Wing Sauce into a viable business venture needs your help. This link to my crowd-funding effort will provide a detailed description of our need. Most importantly, I NEED your support in the way of funding or sharing this to those that may be in position to help. This is critical to life of Dirty Steve's Famous Wing Sauce business. It doesn't take a lot, just a small amount from a lot of contributors. We have until Christmas to make this effort a reality.

Please help if you can or, at least help spread the word by sending this email to those that might be able to. Click the link:


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Thanks to everyone for their support after the debut of Homemade in America With Sunny Anderson.  I am grateful to the Food Network, Sunny Anderson and Concentric Entertainment for their tremendous support.


The story of Dirty Steve's Famous Wing Sauce began back in January of 2005. I decided to try my hand at making buffalo wings for a party.  While the ingredients of my sauce had been tweaked in the early stages, Dirty Steve's Famous Wing Sauce has been at its peak since the spring of 2005.  As a result of the now famous Dirty Steve's Sauce - Wingfest was born!  Hundreds and hundreds of hungry travelers have been enjoying the unique taste of Dirty Steve's Wings at Wingfest parties in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and soon to be many more states.  Nothing gathers a crowd together like the smell and taste of Dirty Steve's Famous Wings.  We encourage you to try the sauce on many other foods as well - Burgers, Soups, Omelets, Chili, Cheese Dips, Jambalaya, Tacos, etc, etc.

Ask your local watering hole to contact us regarding using Dirty Steve's Famous Wing Sauce above all others.  The best wings in America.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: My Wife Michele, Averi, Allie, Cade and the many other friends and family members that have
made Dirty Steve's Wingfest possible.
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